Pre-qualifying your supply chain

Cleared 4's dynamic pre-qualification questionnaire captures essential contractor competency compliance requirements based on engagement.

Custom skill-sets can be defined using a combination of site, area, industry and trade for both company and operative levels.

Cleared 4 is a low-cost, low-effort, high-impact contractor management platform to take the strain and remove the pain of competence management

What is a dynamic pre-qualification questionnaire?

The Cleared 4 dynamic pre-qualification questionnaire software allows you to define a risk analysis workflow that adapts to the answers it has been given.

You define the risk levels, and assign them to relevant parts of your site, industry and role.

This allows your supply chain to be given specific compliance requirements as identified.


The PQQ drives all aspects of the management system and can be as simple or as complex as needed.

A compliance 'to-do' list is automatically generated on completion of the PQQ. Documentation, site inductions and competency evidence can all be requested automatically without any further admin using a contractor pull rather than a client push.

Cleared 4 simplifies contractor competency management and site induction.