Contractor management

Making sure everyone, from the guy that cuts the grass to the team working at height
can do what they say they can do.

That is no easy task, up to date documentation, valid insurance and competency evidence all need to be collected, verified and tracked.

Cleared 4 removes the headache of trying to co-ordinate, collect and record this data by creating a task based to-do list of compliance that your supply chain must adhere to in order to be cleared for work on your site.

Your site, your standards.

Cleared 4 allows you to drive competency requirements based on risk, site, area, industy and trade.

The flexibility of Cleared 4 provides a low-cost, low-effort yet high impact compliance management system delivering the evidence that you need.

Centralised Data

Creating a single source of truth for contractors documentation accessible 24/7.

Between the Lines

Capture compliance conversation threads automatically ensuring the finer detail is recorded.


Capture, review and approve contractor competency evidence.

Compliance Status

Traffic light dashboard highlights current compliance.


Send communications on mass or to specific groups.


Receive automatic updates on expiring compliance.


Capture audits, job completions & project reviews.


Measure contractor performance rewarding best practice and ensuring best fit.


Control contractor malpractice with system wide lockdowns and restricted site access.

Manage your workers compliance requirements with our easy-to-use web-based software.

Our simple to use cloud-based software communicates such things as pre-qualification criteria, job specific requirements, corporate policies, procedures, documentation and health and safety training. Workers respond by uploading the paperwork, certificates or completing eLearning and classroom based training necessary.

The beneficial way to satisfy requirements, working together.